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Based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, CSC Insurance Brokers Ltd. (CSC) aims to meet ALL your insurance needs and provide the relevant coverage for your requirements with proper and adequate security.

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The Role of the Broker in the Claims Process

Insurance Claim Process

  • 01

    Client Contacts Broker

    Client contacts broker with a claim request.

  • 02

    Broker Submits Claim

    The broker will submit the claim to the insurer.

  • 03

    Insurer Assesses Claim

    The insurer assesses the claim and accepts or rejects.

  • 04

    Claims Resolved

    If accepted, the insurer resolves the damage claim.

  • 05

    Payment Made

    The insurer makes payment to the appropriate party.

Types of insurance coverage offered

Insurance Coverage

All policies would be underwritten by locally licenced insurers or through special acceptance.

Property Insurance

Homeowners; Fire & Allied Perils


Motor Insurance

Third Party; Fire & Theft; Comprehensive; Collision

Marine Insurance

Hull & Liability; Marinas/p>

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